Web Stores go Offline

The end of an era has come for one of Hollands most iconic stores. Vroom & Dreesman, more famously known as V&D, closed the doors. It was the financial crisis in combination with online shopping that caused V&D to end. And even though many other stores are struggling to stay relevant in this ever-changing world, webstores seem to return to the classic and old school way of selling in a (real) physical store. What’s the reason behind this trend?

Online shopping is nothing new. It’s easy, it’s fast and sometimes it can be a way to spend your spare time, just like real-life shopping. However, it seems to be increasingly popular for these online only brands to open one or more offline stores.

In an interview with Bas Pieper of Neckerman the reason behind this trend became clear. Opening a physical store is a way to offer our customers extra service. They can not only hold the products but they can directly speak to the employees if they have any questions. Opening an offline store is a briljant addition to the presence on the internet.

And Neckerman isn’t the only store going offline. Web shops like Cool blue, Etsy and Zalando also offered these extra offline services. Zalando being the most memorable with opening a few outlets in Berlin.

The fact that web stores go offline is a very specific trends, but when you look at this development from a bigger perspective, you’ll see that there is a larger trend which forms the base of developments like the one we are discussing now.

Because it’s about the total merge of two very different worlds. Both the online and the offline world have their benefits but the combination is what customers want. This trend is known as Inline, meaning that customers can enjoy physical experiences with a digital touch or the other way around. The result is a complete experience.


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