Visible Online Data

We can barely imagine a world in which social media wasn’t an indispensable part of our daily lives. It became a creative expression, a source of inspiration and, for some, an extension of their arm. But with every benefit comes a downside as well. Many people don’t realise how much information they share about themselves and use social media recklessly.

In order to spread awareness about the dangers that come with our digital lives, artist Refik Anadol created an art piece that is sure to impress you. Maybe the reason behind the carefree use of social media is because online data is invisible. What would happen if you could literally see your data as it roamed around the World Wide Web?

On a 40-foot-tall screen Anadol visualised digital data in a mesmerizing way. The way he did this is actually quite simple. Those who used twitter in and around San Francisco shared data, which was then transformed in a 3D representation of San Francisco. So, the dynamic art piece reflected the activity on social media in the entire area.

We notice a strong movement towards a world in which both online and offline come together in a beneficial and efficient way. The digital world and the physical world both have their own charms but customers tend to enjoy brands, concepts and events where the two worlds fuse. Artists like Refik Anadol hopefully succeed in inspiring more people to implement this development into their own business.

More about the project: Virtual Depiction 

Writer: Aaron de Kievid


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