City Bathrooms

Photographer Justin Bettman collaborated with set designer Gözde Eker in order to create an outstanding project. Imagine a cosy living room with vintage furniture right in the middle of one of Brooklyn’s busiest streets. It would most probably catch your attention as it is a huge contrast with the current cityscape.

With donated furniture only, Bettman and Eker decorated several streets in America. When the photos were taken, the sets were left for the public as it would stimulate their imagination. Places where people would normally pass by without paying attention to their surroundings suddenly became photogenic hotspots.

#SetInTheStreets on Instagram proofs that the randomly placed sets were a great way to return value to places that were totally neglected by the public eye. It even gained so much value that the basic living room transformed into the set of a romantic scene as a man asked his girl to marry him. Of course this was all caught on camera, got to love hashtags right? Watch the touching video here


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