Vans is Raised by Wolves

When you decide to collaborate with a brand called ‘Raised by Wolves’, you have no choice but to put a real wolf in your store right? That’s what Vans must have thought when they started selling their latest collection in Montreal yesterday.

A brand with such a rich history like Vans in combination with a street style brand like ‘Raised by Wolves’ resulted in two shoes both with premium leather and black suede.

As the collaboration is based of the weather in Montreal, both pairs have been outfitted by water-resistant technology, sealed zippers and a highly protected tongue to keep moisture out.

The fact that a wolf is placed above the new collection tells the story of the two brands incredibly well. It’s also an extra addition to the fact that both shoes are resistant to extreme weather conditions. Shortly, it once again shows the importance of creative marketing as this is what we like to call proper visual merchandising.


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