How these Meat Makers are revolutionising the Industry

It is known that eating lots of flesh increases your carbon footprint drastically. And this is not just a fact made up by some crazed hippies as the head of the United Nations stated that one of the only ways to combat climate change is by simply eating less meat. But is eating less meat in our meat-loving culture even possible?

Meat is literally rooted in our daily life and that’s represented in the economy as well. The production of meat is responsible for $66 billion in added value to the U.S economy and with this, it represents the biggest segment of the entire industry.

So how do you motivate people to stop one of their most natural habits? Because, for some (me included), eating meat is literally embedded in their system. Well the answer actually is quite simple: You don’t.


Yes there are some great and innovative alternatives like eating bugs. And even vegetarian or vegan food isn’t as bad as many believed it to be. But the whole experience of eating a big burger straight from the grill is just something you can’t replace. Luckily there are two possible solutions that might revolutionise the meat industry.

In this short documentary we follow the journey of two very determined researchers who believe that they have the ingredients to truly change the way we handle meat currently. The first is a Dutch researcher who wants to create meat from stem cells coming from the cow, and the other one being a Los Angeles based organisation called ‘Beyond Meat’.

The two have very different approaches to the problem, but they share the same bold ambitions as in both cases the meat is produced outside of the animal. For more information, click the link below to see the entire documentary. Be warned though as some scenes might really disturb you.

Meat Makers


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