Aesthetic Surgery

Botox, facelifts, eye corrections and fillers, while many still think about these terms as unnecessary or just ridiculously stupid, no one can deny the fact that more and more people are willing to help their genes by forming their desirable aesthetic. The Erasmus MC, a Dutch academic hospital, has now picked up this trend. It is going to be the first hospital with a course specifically for cosmetic dermatology.

According to the founder of the course, Tamar Nijsten, it is nothing more than a logical step for the medical industry. Many colleges criticized him. With the main argument being that hospitals are meant to heal people or prevent people from becoming ill. However, Nijsten stated that this conservative mind-set is simply useless as the industry is shifting to the direction of artificial beauty anyway.

And that’s not all. The whole definition of what’s ill and what isn’t seems to change towards a direction in which the feeling of luck or health is much more important than a doctor declaring you sick or healthy.


Another reason Nijsten started this course is because he predicts that many dermatologists are going to lose their jobs as people are no longer insured for little imperfections like birthmarks. For those who actually lose their jobs, commercial dermatology could be the necessary solution. And let’s not forget that these people are educated to know all the ins and outs of skincare.

So, what does this trend actually mean? It looks like we are slowly but surely normalising botox and fillers. Why? Maybe because people fear ageing or maybe it’s just because people are unhappy with their look. Either way, Beauty has a seemingly big impact on our feeling of luck and health. It’s only suitable for the medical industry to adapt to this development.


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