Sneakers from Scratch

Customisable products are nothing new. It’s a great way for customers to enjoyably design their own furniture, sneakers or any other product. Of course, this is all because people want to personalize everything these days. However, as for late, customers were only able to use this fun feature online. Luckily Converse opened a flagship store to change all of that.

The All-Stars founder calls the store a blueprint for creative retailing as it is not only the biggest Converse store in the world, it’s a place where customers can truly experience customisation. Suitably called ‘Blank Canvas’, people can create their own shoes and shirts by changing the colour or by adding all the necessary personal touches they desire.


And the news doesn’t even end here. Because despite the true experience of customization, customers are still unable to say that they actually created the sneaker or shirt all alone. That’s why Converse is starting to give workshops later this year in Boston. Together with a sneaker designer people will assiduously fabricate their own sneakers by focussing on every little detail including silhouette, fabric and colour.


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