Feminism. What people think it means, what it actually means and what it should mean

Yesterday was international women’s day, so I figured it was the perfect timing to talk about feminism. We’ll discuss everything the title suggests and why it is important.

What people think ‘Feminism’ means

So many people interpret the word feminist totally wrong. They look at feminist like they are a couple of boy-bashing women on stilettos who think they are the better gender. With this in mind you can’t really blame people who have a natural dislike when feminists are mentioned. However, this is not the case.

What ‘Feminism’ actually means

In case of a true feminist, we’re talking about someone who fights for equal rights for both men and women. So why is it called feminism then? Well it’s because of the simple fact that women are still under-represented when it comes to decision-making functions.

With this in mind, it’s not bad to call yourself a feminist. Even for men as it only indicates that you stand for equal rights, which should be pretty normal in 2016. But there are more benefits for men. Equality is not just about working opportunities; it’s also about the freedom of emotions. As a society we expect men to show no emotions, work hard and take care of the family on a financial level.

It’s insane to expect men to always handle the chaos that is life. Just like anyone else, men have feelings too. But they are not allowed to show them without being called weak. With feminism we end this ridiculous and conservative view on masculinity.

What ‘Feminism’ should mean


Even though the real meaning of feminism is about equality of both genders, I personally think we should take it to the next level. The discussion on what a gender actually is becomes more visible in our daily life. Especially younger generations struggle to identify as pure male or female. So is feminism still relevant?

I think it is. However, it shouldn’t be about the equality of men and women. It should be about the equality of human beings. There are a lot of signs, which indicate that we’re heading to gender free society. Denmark already enables people to replace the ‘m’ or ‘f’ on their passport by the letter ‘x’ and Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance is also gender free (different than unisex).

To end this article I want to encourage everyone to become a feminist. As a society we have to fight for equal rights. Not for men, not for women but for humans in general. Like Emma Watson said beautifully: “It’s time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals”


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