LifePrint Brings Every Photo to Life

By using augmented reality, the start-up known as LifePrint brings your photos to life by pointing your smartphone at it. The pocketsize printer comes with a special app, which enables users to easily edit and share their moving pictures.

These moving pictures are called ‘Hyper Photos’ and are editable with the ‘Harry Potter Mode’. Without using any cartridges or ink the LifePrint is user friendly and designed to always fit in your bag or back pocket.


LifePrint is already crowned with the title ‘the Portable Printer for Everyone’. The reason behind this is probably the fact that only the elite had excess to augmented reality, as it is relatively expensive technology. The best example of this being Google Glass which is insanely high priced.

LifePrint will be available for $129. With a full battery you can print up to 15 Hyper Photos. This sounds like nothing but the charging time is just an hour so you should be all right.

With augmented reality becoming seemingly cheaper and virtual reality being one of the more important upcoming trends, the opportunities for retail experiences and communication strategies become increasingly interactive. Especially for ‘offline’ retailers as it offers them a chance to add an online aspect to the customer experience.


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