You can now Virtually Milk Real Cows

Games nowadays are considerably more violent than we are used to. But for those gamers who just want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing game there now is a virtual farm where you can milk real cows. So if you’re not into shooting zombies or hitting random people with purple dildos, SuperBoer might be the virtual gateway for you.

Last week Dutch farmer Rene Vermunt opened up his farm to install a series of cameras, which enables people to (finally) milk the wonderful animal that we know as the cow. The game intends to be a virtual meeting ground for citizens and cows in order to educate and spread awareness. And since you can now watch the exciting lives of cows 24/7, it should be pretty easy to accomplish this goal.

Gamers can collect virtual milk and make virtual money, which will eventually enable them to create a cow heaven. But all sarcastic jokes aside, the game is an innovative and creative way to gain some cow-related knowledge. Especially for younger children as they’ll learn exactly what it takes to make their daily glass of milk.

So, next time you’re bored and have no idea what to do, just know that you can watch cows as they eat, sleep and seemingly don’t care about anything really. Should be quite relaxing right?


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