The Roll of Food in Legalising Marijuana

The legalisation of marijuana is quite the topic lately. Some states in America recently legalised the drug but it’s far from over. There are still many states and countries that have yet to allow people to use marijuana in their spare time. Unexpectedly, food got a surprising roll in legalising the drug.

When you think about food, you might think about Italy as it is the country that blessed us with Pizza, pasta and of course mouth-watering ice cream. And while some of us stick with regular flavours like strawberry or pistachio, there are some innovative and creative flavours out there.


In a small cost town in Italy, a local yogurt store is already known for crazy flavours, but the latest taste sensation became a way to help legalising marijuana in Italy. Cannabis Crème Gelato is marijuana infused ice cream flavour with a striking green colour to match.

Right now people can be punished by one year of jail time or in the worst case a bill of 4 million euros. Using food is a fun and a typically Italian way to tackle this problem as food is literally rooted in their culture. However, Italy isn’t the only country that uses the power of food.

What happens when you fuse one of the most popular sandwich spreads with marijuana? Well it might look a little bit like Chrontella, a combination of your favourite drug and Nutella. And knowing that the makers of Chrontella also created a marijuana-infused peanut butter, it’s safe to say that the popularity of food drugs is increasing rapidly.


It might not be the healthiest thing on earth but legalising marijuana seems like a logical thing to do as alcohol is just as harmful, if not more. And would’t the legal use of the drug prevent criminal activities? Whatever the case, I would love to see some Chrontella in my local supermarket.

Curious what legalising marijuana means for the food industry? Here are the 10 things that could possibly change: Huffingtonpost


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