50 Shades of Nude

In the fashion industry ‘Nude’ often indicates light brown or beige tones. However, nude is not a colour, it is a concept that every skin tone should be able to utilise. On the UN Racial Discrimination Day back in March, Sportswear and underwear brand Björn Borg decided to release a new nude collection, which it uses as a way to let the industry know that this has to change!

Besides the fact that there weren’t any nude colours available for darker skin tones, there are more racial problems in the fashion industry. Make-up artists for instance are often unable to help darker models, as they do not have the right products for their skin tone. This shocks me since black models are nothing new in the world of modelling. In fact some of the greatest models (in my opinion) have a darker skin, Naomi Campbell being my all time favourite.

Luckily Björn Borg isn’t the only brand in the industry that tackles the problem. Luxury brand Louboutin recently released a nude shoe collection with a wide variety of skin tones. But could these brands be powerful enough to make a change?


Young children in kindergarten already learn that skin tones are often known as light brown or pink tones. Shouldn’t they learn that darker tones are skin-related colours as well? We can only hope that more brands decide to release complete nude collections but the racial problem is not only rooted in the fashion industry, it’s in our society.


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