Time is Changing, Literally

The cultural phenomenon we all know as time seems to transform. We’re disconnecting from time as many people start to realize that people made it up. Artists and designers play with the belief that everything we do now, no matter how small the action, has some form of impact on our future.

In order to visualize this slow change of our perception of time, TrendGear selected a few memorable and outstanding projects, which perfectly capture this abstract and discrete revolution.

Trace Clock

The London-based designers of Studio Ayaskan created a clock by combining laser light with UV-sensitive materials that change colour when exposed to harsh light. The trace clock creates awareness by leaving a path of purple hues, which fade after 30 seconds. It enables us to witness how time fluidly moves changing the way we experience hours, minutes and seconds.


Timeless Watches


A variety of watches on the market come without a clock, freeing customers from time. While some might think of these watches as a useless accessory, others will think of it as a reminder to relax. We all know how a ticking clock can stress us out so getting rid of that one annoying aspect might not be the worst idea.



This last example might possibly freak you out a little bit as the Designers of WePlus took ‘Clock Face’ very literally. At first sight you won’t even guess that these faces represent time. However, after watching the video a few times, you’ll notice that the mouth represents seconds, the right eye hours and the left eye minutes. It might not be the most pleasant sounding clock but it sure does change the way we think about time.

Thinking about the relevance of time in our society, changing its meaning could have a huge impact on our culture. Everything we do is measured by time. When you work 5 hours for instance, you get paid a certain amount of money. So with this in mind, could time really be changing? And how will this influence our quality of life? I’m excited to know what you think.


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