Why We Should Embrace Outsiders

In a world where we are constantly exposed to new information, the search for the original and the unique seems to be a trend on itself. But in order to find new things we have to let go of what we already know. However, the fear of letting go is often greater than the urge to discover the unknown.

In the new edition of inspirational fashion magazine ‘Fucking Young’ the focus is on so called outsiders. Who are these outsiders in this day and age and how do their ideas change the world as we know it? The issue encourages us to embrace these visionaries instead of fearing them.

Letting go of something we know means to lose footing momentarily but not letting go at all means to lose footing permanently. So in order to grow we have to change and that is indeed scary at times.

On the cover we see Olly Alexander, sing and songwriter, actor and the lead singer of Years&Years. Art-directed by Nicola Formichetti, photographed by Matt Irwin and styled by Davey Sutton.


His band Years&Years recently released a pro-LGBT music video that was seen as progressive and unusual. The fact that people are still not used to the expression of sexuality between two men or two women, indicates that society hasn’t fully embraced the idea of same sex romances.

The lead singer had this to say on the issue: “Most of the pop videos I’ve seen that have any male and female interaction are usually centered around a romance, and that’s great, I am all for romance, but let’s face it there are a lot of other sexualities and identities that are well deserving of some shiny pop video love.”

So in short, instead of always fearing the things we don’t know, we should fully embrace them. These ‘outsiders’ won’t harm us they will only result in innovative ideas and spread the love.


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