Welcome to Studio Upperdog, where we do not settle for the underdog position. Upper dogs are those who always strive for the best and have no interest in being safe or predictable.

Studio Upperdog is founded by me, ’soon-to-be’ Junior Trendwatcher Aaron de Kievid. Growing up as a shy little kid, I took comfort in being an underdog. However, as I started to develop my talents and passions I decided that I’d had enough. No more underdog for me, it was time to rise to the top.

As the founder of Studio Upperdog I think it’s important to share as many ideas as I can in order to share my vision of what an Upperdog is. All my articles are free for you to read, spread, share and enjoy. And when that ‘soon-to-be’ label is gone it’s time to put in the real work…

One thought on “About

  1. Hello, I am not shoptrendgear.com. As you can see I only write articles. The site you referring to is a scam and I’ve already filled in a report agains the website as more people turn to me due to similar names which I understand. I wish you good luck with the situation.


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