Visible Online Data

We can barely imagine a world in which social media wasn’t an indispensable part of our daily lives. It became a creative expression, a source of inspiration and, for some, an extension of their arm. But with every benefit comes a downside as well. Many people don’t realise how much information they share about themselves […]

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Swedish Design meets Africa

Designer sneakers are increasingly popular among young adults and the beautiful country known as Sweden grants us with yet another beautifully designed shoe. However, the Scandinavian brand Eytys travels continents for their new collection. This resulted in bold and striking patterns as Eytys collaborated with Esther Mahlangu. She combines traditional art forms with contemporary art […]

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Web Stores go Offline

The end of an era has come for one of Hollands most iconic stores. Vroom & Dreesman, more famously known as V&D, closed the doors. It was the financial crisis in combination with online shopping that caused V&D to end. And even though many other stores are struggling to stay relevant in this ever-changing world, […]

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