How Stuffed Animals Spark a Conversation about Organ Donation

While Japan has a world-class healthcare system, the country struggles with the topic of organ donation. Though it is a worldwide problem, the numbers of Japan are shocking to say the least. With only 2% of those in need of a transplant actually getting one, it is obvious that this is a problem worth tackling. […]

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Time is Changing, Literally

The cultural phenomenon we all know as time seems to transform. We’re disconnecting from time as many people start to realize that people made it up. Artists and designers play with the belief that everything we do now, no matter how small the action, has some form of impact on our future. In order to […]

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City Bathrooms

Photographer Justin Bettman collaborated with set designer Gözde Eker in order to create an outstanding project. Imagine a cosy living room with vintage furniture right in the middle of one of Brooklyn’s busiest streets. It would most probably catch your attention as it is a huge contrast with the current cityscape. With donated furniture only, […]

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Swedish Design meets Africa

Designer sneakers are increasingly popular among young adults and the beautiful country known as Sweden grants us with yet another beautifully designed shoe. However, the Scandinavian brand Eytys travels continents for their new collection. This resulted in bold and striking patterns as Eytys collaborated with Esther Mahlangu. She combines traditional art forms with contemporary art […]

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