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You can now Virtually Milk Real Cows

Games nowadays are considerably more violent than we are used to. But for those gamers who just want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing game there now is a virtual farm where you can milk real cows. So if you’re not into shooting zombies or hitting random people with purple dildos, SuperBoer might be the virtual […]

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Visible Online Data

We can barely imagine a world in which social media wasn’t an indispensable part of our daily lives. It became a creative expression, a source of inspiration and, for some, an extension of their arm. But with every benefit comes a downside as well. Many people don’t realise how much information they share about themselves […]

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Web Stores go Offline

The end of an era has come for one of Hollands most iconic stores. Vroom & Dreesman, more famously known as V&D, closed the doors. It was the financial crisis in combination with online shopping that caused V&D to end. And even though many other stores are struggling to stay relevant in this ever-changing world, […]

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Fluently Speaking Emoji

For many years now, English has been the main international language. There’s basically no one who does not speak at least a few words English. However, times are changing and with this comes the rise of the visual language. In 2015, for the first time ever, a pictograph was selected as word of the year. […]

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