Cursed by Pessimism

Despite my personal obsession with the Fantasy genre because of shows like Game of Thrones and the Harry Potter franchise, I never really felt any affection towards magical or spiritual rituals in the real world. Magic just doesn’t fit in our society if you ask me. I always thought that magic in our world was […]

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How Stuffed Animals Spark a Conversation about Organ Donation

While Japan has a world-class healthcare system, the country struggles with the topic of organ donation. Though it is a worldwide problem, the numbers of Japan are shocking to say the least. With only 2% of those in need of a transplant actually getting one, it is obvious that this is a problem worth tackling. […]

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I wish I was at Coachella

Coachella, is here! One of the world’s most successful festivals has begun. Zedd, Chvrches, Flume, Disclosure, Halsey, Guns N’ Roses (!reunion!) and so much more. We can definitely say that Coachella has one hell of a great line-up this year, again. Last weekend – April 15-17 Coachella kicked off the weekend of live music around […]

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How these Meat Makers are revolutionising the Industry

It is known that eating lots of flesh increases your carbon footprint drastically. And this is not just a fact made up by some crazed hippies as the head of the United Nations stated that one of the only ways to combat climate change is by simply eating less meat. But is eating less meat […]

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