Not every trend has the same impact on your business. This is because some trends are sector specific meaning that they only occur in one or two industries. Trend Gear focuses on seven topics in order to offer you a wide variety on inspirational content. This is also why we encourage you to think outside the box and let other topics inspire you as well. But without further ado, here are our topics.

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Leisure: What do people do in their spare time? In this topic TrendGear focuses on the key trends which tell us exactly what people value during their time off. From extreme sports to relaxing in the park, you’ll find it right here.

Travel: Travelling trends are about the changing values of customers when it comes to their holiday. Is just about relaxation or are people willing to discover countries in totally different ways then we are used to?  

Technology: With technology developing faster than we can imagine, innovations keep popping up everywhere. What do these innovations mean for our society and how can we use it to improve the quality of life?

Appearance: The reason this topic isn’t called fashion, is because fashion is just a part of our total appearance. TrendGear focuses on everything that people use to express who they are and how they do it.

Living: How does the city of the future look like? And what does that mean for the people who live their? In this topic TrendGear selects innovative and creative ideas that have a huge impact on the way we live.

Health: Living a healthy life is extremely important. That’s why trends are inevitable when it comes to the medical industry. What are the latest innovations and creative ideas when it comes to our health?

Food: With a fast growing population, it’s important to find ways to keep feeding everyone. How is the food industry changing it’s way in order to revolutionise our current system? And what do people value when it comes to their food?