The main focus of Studio Upperdog is to explain and visualise current trends. Trends are driven by innovators who have many characteristics we, at Studio Upperdog, identify with. They strive to be better and they do not settle for ‘a good idea’. But if we want to get semi-technical, there are three types of trend we identify and analyse here.

  • The Dalmatian – Microtrend 



The spots of the dalmatian represent the seemingly disconnected innovations we spot here at Studio Upperdog. Everything that sparks our interest gets thrown into our database until we see that there is a hidden connection. The Dalmatian is necessary in order to enrich our content and further analyse our trends.



  • The Chihuahua – Macrotrend 


The small and ferocious chihuahua represents the unexpected impact of macrotrends. When underestimated, these trends can be merciless. A macrotrend changes our expectations and therefore our behaviour. These changes are what we are trying to visualise in order to maintain our Upperdog position.



  • The GOLDEN Retriever – Megatrend 



We don’t use caps-lock for fun. The GOLDEN retriever represents the core of every development, every product and every innovation. It’s a development that sparks political debate and it’s something that everyone knows about. A megatrend is the force behind change and can take up to 30 years to reach its full impact.